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Car Rental detail

1. Car rent with self-drive (24 hours) excluding fuel.
2. Car rent with driver, the price is negotiable.
3. Monthly rental is special price, excluding driver and fuel.
4. Private Sector or Government rent for long-term is special rate.
5. Van service with driver is excluding fuel.

1. Our cars in service, the lessor had checked regularly by a service center for maintenance according to safety, all the voyage for the tenants.
2. Our cars in service are including the First Class of Insurance.  

1. Please call information Model date and time to hire. For the book
And for flexible use.

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2. This ensures that customers will get the car on the model and type. The customer must transfer 
the required payments.1,000 baht for booking (the weekend or long weekend).

1. ID card / driving license that never expires. We reserve the right to rent the case. No driving license.
2. Deposits 5,000 baht or credit card ได้รับคืนเมื่อคืนรถในสภาพเดิม และน้ำมันเต็มถัง

1. The tenant must be aged 20 years or more.
2. Do not take drugs or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Do not bring illegal Up in the car is strictly prohibited.
3. Do not put the car used in the offense in all cases.
4. Can be used outside the car Phitsanulok province. The notice on the date specified in the lease contract.
5. Do not bring a car to others sublease is strictly prohibited.